What is a Chamango drink?

Welcome to Chamangos.com, a resource dedicated to the delicious drink called Chamango. Popular in Southern California, a Chamango is a frozen drink with pieces of mango, Chamoy, and bits of Chaca Chaca. For the people who would like to make it themselves, we have a provided a step by step recipe on how to create this awesome drink. Also, we have all the ingredients necessary in our store. If you prefer to buy it already made, no problem! Go to our where to buy section and search for your state. Below your state, you will  see a list of places that sell the Chamango drink. For those of you interested in how healthy this drink is, go to our nutritional facts section. We hope to provide all the resources necessary for you to get your hands on Chamangos. So if you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Thank you!


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